Town Board

November 26, 2019



Litigation and Negotiation: Town Assessor, Section 8 office, Town Attorney




1. Holiday decorations

The board thanked the Garden Club for the decorations on Commerce Street and talked about the need to do something similar for the town’s other hamlets.


2. Hallocks Mill Sewer Extension

The town engineer gave the board an update on petitions. Of 313 sent to homeowners, only 81 or 26% have been returned. Residents have until December 19 to return their petitions.   Petitions that are not returned will be considered a NO vote.  A second mailing will be sent next week. Supervisor Gilbert and Councilman Patel said they would go door to door and the supervisor invited Supervisor-elect Slater to join him.


Mr. Quinn said the county is still considering providing some form of assistance for hook ups but no details were available.


3. Inflow & Infiltration Study for Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District

The town had 10 responses to an April, 2019 RFP.  The RFP was needed to comply with a consent order the town signed with the DEC.  The board earlier had interviewed four firms and will approve a resolution at the next meeting to hire one of the firms at an estimated $120,000 cost. 


3. Hallocks Mill Pump Stations

In December 2018 the board advertised an RFP for designing the rehabilitation of four additional pump stations.  Three bids were received ranging from $364,000-$367,000. The board had an extensive discussion of how these projects could avoid the problems the town experienced on the first three pump station upgrades and also the pros and cons of using the same firm it anticipates giving the I&I contract to versus using an equally qualified second firm at basically the same price.  It was not clear if the board was ready to award a contract.


4. Fluoride project

Although not on the agenda, Mr. Quinn gave the board an update on the status of the fluoridation bids that were received November 1st.  Because the bids came in higher than expected, the town met with the Department of Health and got the department to reverse itself on a flow meter that it had initially requested be added to the design. The reversal reduced the cost of the project by $200,000, for a net cost of $849.970.


The town has an $901,500 state grant for the project. The town has already spent $209,000 for the design, leaving a $157,470 shortfall needed to complete the project.  Mr. Quinn will meet with the water superintendent and the town comptroller to  review the financing situation.


5. Mohegan Retaining Wall

Although not on the agenda, Mr. Quinn raised the issue of the delayed bid award and the need to reach a decision on the change of the blocks.  The board may take this up at its next meeting.


6. Tree Law

Although not on the agenda, Supervisor Gilbert asked Mr. Tegeder to highlight additional changes that are being contemplated in the proposed new Tree law that will be the subject of a public hearing on December 10.  The changes include

a.  clarification of the language exempting parcels that are ˝ acre or less in size

b. changing when a permit is needed to remove 10 trees. Instead of 10 trees in a calendar year, the change would be 10 trees in 10,000 sf in a calendar year.

c. changing when a permit is needed when disturbing a protected woodland. Instead of 10,000 sf, it would be 10,000 sf or 6% of the woodland, whichever was greater.

d. A new provision would be not requiring a permit for disturbing a 15’ perimeter around the woodland


Mr. Tegeder explained that changes b thru d would make it easier for large landowners to maintain their property


7. Appointments

The board reappointed members of the following volunteer boards: ABACA, Cable TV Committee, Community Housing Board, Landmarks Preservation Commission,  Planning Board, Tree Conservation Advisory Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.


8. Section 8 program

For income eligible persons, the town will accept pre-applications for section 8 vouchers on January 8 & 9. The waiting list will close at midnight January 9.


9. Battery Energy Storage Facilities/ Public hearings

The board will hold two public hearings on December 17. One to add a new article in the Zoning Code regulating battery energy storage facilities and a second to have a moratorium on the approval of large scale battery energy storage systems.


10. Barger Street gas station

(See Town Board 10-22-2019.) A public hearing was set for December 17 on the special permit request to demolish the existing Getty station and replace it with a new gas station and convenience store.


11. Hill Blvd Bridge Replacement and Veterans Road Culvert Replacement

The town authorized going out to bid for these two projects.  The Veterans Road project will be 100% funded by the state and the Hill Blvd project will receive 95% state funding.