Town Board

October 27, 2020


Absent: Counilwoman Roker


Note: the Town Board will hold a regular meeting on Thursday, November 5 as a replacement for the Tuesday, November 3 meeting.


1. Croton Overlook, Route 100

Attorney David Steinmetz presented a conceptual plan for a proposed 62 unit active adult community off Route 100, just south of Route 134. The development, Croton Overlook replaces a similar 70 unit development whose 2011 rezoning from R-200 to RSP-1 expired when the previous developer failed to submit a site plan.  Mr. Steinmetz said that his client would submit a new application for the same rezoning if the board was interested in pursuing the rezoning. After the brief description of the project, the board advised Mr. Steinmetz to proceed with the application.


Once an actual rezoning application is submitted, the developer and the town will have to review the DEIS and FEIS submitted with the original zoning to see what is still current and what has changed and needs to be updated.


2. Climate Smart Community Task Fore

The board gave its support to two initiatives suggested by the task force, noting that neither initiative would cost the town any money.


1) adding a provision to the town’s procurement policy encouraging the town to consider both environmental and energy factors when making purchases. The text could be similar to wording used by the Town of Bedford.


2) adding a “waste and energy” provision to town contracts that would specify energy saving provisions and require vendors to explain how they would separate wastes materials for recycling.


The adoption of both changes would earn the town points in its goal toward certification as a Smart Energy Community. The task force explained that it is very close to submitting the documentation that could get the town a bronze level certification.


3. AAA Carting

The current garbage contract expires at the end of the year and the board agreed to renew the contract for an additional year as provided for in the contract.


The carter advised the board that issues involving the collection of cardboard at Old Crompond Village are being worked out and he reminded residents that if they had any problems, questions, or concerns about their garbage pickup they should contact the company at 739-9527.


4. Garden of Hope

Conceptual plans for a new home for the Garden of Hope at Willow Park were unveiled. The plan calls for an approximate one acre garden that would utilize a portion of the outfield of the existing ballfield; the infield would remain in place. A portion of the site could also become the future home of a town  sponsored tree nursery. A butterfly garden has already been planted at the site.


The garden, which raises fresh produce for local food pantries,  is maintained  by the Interfaith Council and girl and boy scout troops.


Parks Superint4enet Martorano advised the board that the Recreation Commission has had a preliminary discussion about using the park for the garden, albeit it was for a smaller portion of the park. It was suggested that Paul Silverman, the garden’s spokesperson, Commission members and Mr. Tegeder do a site visit to assess a more definitive location that could balance the needs to continue to have space for recreation with the size needed for the garden.


Mr. Quinn advised the board that the project would not need a DEC wetlands permit for the garden.


5. Sarlo parcel on Saw Mill River Road/ZBA referral for special permit for outdoor storage

(See Planning Board 9-9-2019.) The applicant’s attorney, Michael Grace, explained what he called and “anomalous” situation that left the owners of certain types of businesses, like landscapers, no place to park their equipment as there was nothing in the existing zoning code that allows the outdoor storage of commercial vehicles on his client’s site which is zoned for residential use. His client has been served with a violation notice for allowing that illegal use to continue. He added that while a use variance would be the logical remedy for the problem, getting a use variance was unlikely so he was suggesting a special permit route even though there is no provision for such a permit in the zoning code.  In 2019, the Planning Board recommended against such as permit.


While Mr. Grace acknowledged that the outdoor storage was, in his worse, “ugly,” he said that the trucks would not be seen from the road and would therefore not be offensive.  He said that the DEP is okay with the plan (the site abuts the reservoir) which prompted Supervisor Slater to ask for something in writing from the DEP.


Board members said they wanted to visit the site before coming to any decision.


6. Mobil Station, Saw Mill River Road

(See Town Board 9-25-2018.) The owner wants to make changes to the canopy, adding a Mobil sign and a light bar, and add advertising “waves” on the existing gas pumps. Mr. Tegeder advised the board  that as part of the Town Board’s earlier approval of an amended site plan for a new convenience store on the site, there were provisions regarding signage.  He advised the board that the proposed changes should be reviewed by both ABACA and the Planning Board before the Town Board acted.   


7. Lowe’s, Pad A.

Mr. Grace explained that a sliver of land for the double retaining wall that is a part of the site plan is actually on town owned property on Old Crompond Road. He theorized that the parcel, in the road’s right of way, was excess property. The long term solution, he said, was abandoning the parcel and transferring it to the town. But, as that process takes time, he asked the board for a license so that the applicant could proceed with construction. Supervisor Slater asked the town attorney to review that license agreement that Mr. Grace has drawn up and rejected the latter’s recommendation that the board vote at the meeting on the resolution he drafted that would authorize the supervisor to sign the agreement subject to the town attorney approving the text.


8. Broad Pines subdivision, Broad Street  

(See Planning Board 2-10-2020.) The property owner for this previously approved six lot subdivision wants to connect two already developed lots on septic and two lots for future connection to the sewer system  and needs a board resolution before going to the county for approval.  Mr. Tegeder added that the property owner has to deed lot 7 to the town and transfer the road widening strips.


9. Hill Blvd and Veterans Rd projects

Mr. Quinn gave the board a status update on the two projects which are awaiting final county Health Department approval because they involve the relocation of water and sewer lines. The approval is expected soon.  Because of the continuing deterioration of Veterans Road, Councilman Diana suggested a temporary weight limitation on the road. Mr. Paganelli said he had no problem with the suggestion.


Once construction starts, (Veterans Road will be done first), the town will erect rerouting notification   signs.  For Hill Blvd., both the Mall and Jefferson Village will be notified. There is also the possibility that some of the work on Veterans Road could be done at night in order to minimize daytime traffic issues.


Both projects are expected to be completed by May, 2021.


10. Selected resolutions

Appointments:  Roxanne Visconti and Sean Connolly were reappointed to ABACA. Sarah Wilson an Sonia Idelsohn were appointed to the Community Housing Board.


School Resource Officers. The board entered into agreements with both the Yorktown and Lakeland school districts for 2020-2023.


ACCCC leases.  The board approved leases for 2021 for several tenants in the building.