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1. Peekskill Sewer System

The board was advised by representatives of EDR that the proposed work plan required as part of the state consent order could cost an estimated $700,000. They explained that the major variable would be the extent of the pipe cleaning that might be required and that this amount would not be known until the work started.  Having been advised at the previous meeting of a possible $150,000 cost, the board wanted to know why the increase. In response, Mr. Quinn explained that his earlier $150,000 figure was based only on the per mile cost for tving the pipes and did not include the cleaning, dye and smoke tests. The $700,000 estimate also includes EDR overseeing the work


Supervisor Slater explained that the cost would be  paid for only by the 6,333 parcels in the Peekskill District and that because the separate sewer districts connected to the Peekskill system don’t have a fund balance the project would have to be funded by a  BAN, bond anticipation note.  He did not indicate what the cost, either per year, or per taxpayer, would be.


The board is also seeking legal advice whether the earlier resolution that authorized EDR to do the I&I study also allows the board to have EDR proceed with implementing the step 2 work plan or whether a new RFP will be required.


As the consent order requires the town to submit the work plan to the DEC by October 30, the board okayed sending the plan while it has further discussions on how to finance the project. The board acknowledged that the town has no choice but to proceed with the project.


2.  Low Pressure Sewers

(See Town Board 10-6-2020.) Without comment, the board approved the amendment to Chapter 240 of the town code to add the new provisions regarding low pressure sewers.


3. Getty gas station/Barger Street

(See Town Board 10-6-2020.)  The board approved the amended site plan after a discussion about the possible need for easements in order not to prelude access from the abutting property  if an when the owner of the property comes forward with a plan to develop his parcel.


4. Planned Design Overlay District/Public hearing

(See Town Board 7-28-2020 and Planning Board 10-5-2020.)  Mr. Tegeder explained the law’s goals. In response to comments from the county Planning Department that postponing text about boundaries and standards for the overlay districts constituted illegal segmentation , Mr. Tegeder dismissed the comments noting that it was more efficient and manageable to postpone those issues until later.  He also dismissed the county‘s recommendation that the law include a provision dealing with affordable housing on the grounds that that issue could/would be dealt with in a future affordable housing law.


It was noted that the Planning Board supported the legisa6tino but that the provision granting the board the authority to implement the overlay zone needed to be clarified so that the board had the discretion to apply the overlay zone only when it deemed it was appropriate and that an applicant was entitled to the more flexible overlay provisions “as of right.”   


Speaking for the Chamber, Serge Esposito said his group supported the law and that it would tell developers that the town is ready to consider their proposals.  Supervisor Slater reiterated this point noting that other towns are acting to attract new developments and that the conversation has to start somewhere He said the law, as writet6en, would act as a catalyst.


Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, said she supported the concept imbedded in the law but that a law that was just a concept and dealt with just with intent wasn’t adequate. She said that in order for the law to be meaningful it had to include boundaries and standards for each overlay district.


The board closed the hearing.


5. Amendments to zoning code relating to self storage facilities/Public hearing

(See Town Board 9-8-2020.) Mr. Tegeder explained the need for the change.  There were no comments from the board of the public. The hearing was closed.


6. Miscellaneous resolutions

Zino Barn. (See Town Board 10-13-2020.) The board approved the expenditure of $6,325 for the town’s share of purchasing the quonset hunt.


Highway. The board approved a $40,000 budget transfer from the department’s  fund balance into its CHIPS line to cover the reduction in state CHIPS payments.



The subject matter was not identified