Town Board

October 2, 2018



Interviews for environmental consultant and litigation and  negotiation involving building and maintenance  and the town attorney




1. Pipeline project

Supervisor Gilbert advised residents that the construction work and relocation of the pigging station will not be completed this November as originally planned.  No new timetable was provided.


2. Police security camera program

The Police Department is launching a new program whereby homeowners  with security cameras can share their videos with the department on a selected basis to assist in their investigations. For more information visit the department’s web site,


3. Cable TV

Peekskill studio: Geoff Wheeler, a member of the town’s Cable Committee, discussed the likelihood that Optimum will be closing the Peekskill studio that some residents use to tape videos for the public access TV channel. He suggested that Yorkton work with the other affected communities that use the studio to explore the possibility of establishing their own studio; he said the space and equipment was not an issue; only the cost of staff.


Senior discounts: the question was raised as to whether Optimum offers a discount to senior citizens. Whle Optimum says “no” when asked, the determining factor will be what the town’s contract with Optimum says. Councilman Roker will look into this.  The currentcontract e4xtends to 2023.


4. Courtesy of the floor

ACCCC (YCCC) track and gazebo. Dan Strauss cited continuing problems with dogs along the track and  vandalsim on the gazebo and suggested better signage and enforement. In response, Councilman Patel said that the townalso needed to provide funds for maintenance at the gazebo and Councilman Diana said that the town was looking into installing more security cameras.


5. Tennis courts

The board awarded the bid for the repair and resurfacing of the tennis courts with the first phase of the work being resurfacing the lower Downing courts and reconstructing the upper Downing courts for a total of $152,500 to be paid out of the Parks and Recreation Trust Account.  (Note: funds in the trust account come for developers of residential properties.)


6. Appointment of law firm

After a contentious discussion and heated exchange between two councilman that resulted in a five minute recess, the board voted 3-2 to hire the Oxman Law Group to provide all legal services to the town, including replacing the current outside lawyers who are counsel to the Planning and Zoning Boards, and provide legal services for tax certiorari and labor relations.


Councilmen Lachterman and Diana voted no and had asked for the motion to be tabled on the grounds that the issue had not been sufficiently discussed, especially the part that would have the Oxman group provide Planning and Zoning Boards and tax certiorari and labor counsels currently being handled by other outside lawyers. Supervisor Gilbert defended the move saying that this issue was clearly stated in the April RFP for legal services had been previously discussed, that he was confident the Oxman Group had the expertise to handle these additional issues, and that using a single firm for all legal services would save the town 20% over existing legal costs, $211,7000 as opposed to $358,000. He said that 12 of the 19 towns he surveyed used law firms for their legal services.  He added that it was up to the Town Board, not department heads to select legal counsel, a response to comments from the planning director who said he was satisfied with the legal services currently being provided and that continuity in legal services was important.


7. The Weyant rezoning

Set October 16 for a public hearing on the rezoning


8. Mobil Gas Station special permit

(See Town Boad 9-25-2018.) Approved the amended special permit.



For negotiations and litigation