Town Board

January 24, 2017


Note: Due to inclement weather, the CIY observer did not attend the untelevised meeting. However, using other sources, she is able to make the following information available for some of the items that were discussed.


1. Senior Advisory Committee

Members of the committee met with the Town Board to discuss updating the groups mission statement.  One of the group’s major concerns was the need for more housing options for seniors, especially those interested in downsizing. This led to a discussion of whether the housing should be age restricted, or open to anyone.   The group also plans to move its monthly meeting location to town hall from the Nutrition Center and it wants its meetings posted on the town calendar and on the town’s tv channel so that more seniors know about the meetings and can attend.


2. 2040 Crompond Road: Proposed multi family rezoning

Local contractor John DeVito and members of his development team, attorney Al Capellini and Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants, unveiled a conceptual plan to build 36 units of market rate rental housing on the Weyant parcel, a 2.6 acre site abutting the upper parking lot of the Roma Building. The one and two bedroom apartments, ranging from 725 Sf to 1,200 SF, would be in two 3-story buildings, separated by a courtyard. Two alternate designs for siting the building were presented. Between 6-8 units would be one bedroom. Access would be from Hamblyn Street off Route 202, with an emergency exit to Route 202. Access to the latter is controlled by the state Department of Transportation. Tentative rental rates for the units would be in the $1,500 range for one bedroom units and $2,000 for two bedroom.  Mr. DeVito explained that the number of proposed units was based on the economics of the project.


The plan calls for the existing stone wall along the property’s edge, as well as the healthy mature trees, to be retained. The plan includes a sidewalk that would link to the existing sidewalk along the Roma building.


The site is currently zoned for single family residential and the site can be rezoned either to R-3 multi family which allows 9-12 units per acre and makes the Planning Board the approval authority, or to a transitional zone that is completely custom tailored to what the developer and Town Board agree to and which makes the Town Board the approval authority. Initially, the plan was to go the transitional zone route, but Supervisor Grace suggested that the applicant go to the Planning Board and let that board weigh in on the appropriate zoning district.


Councilman Lachterman expressed some concern about the access to Route 202 and also the density which would be higher than allowed in a straight multi family zone. Councilman Bernard did not appear concerned about the density noting that like the recent Lexington Avenue rezoning, the proposed housing was not in a single family home neighborhood.  He also noted that the nearby nursey school was also planning a 2-story addition to its existing building.


Supervisor Grace suggested that the developer contact the existing homeowners in the neighborhood.


Before submitting a formal application, the applicant will make a presentation to the Planning Board.


3. Building permit fees

(See Town Board, 1-10-2017.) The board continued its discussion on whether building permit fees should be based on the estimated cost of construction or square footage. The town attorney presented the results of his research into how other towns determine the fee.