Town Board

January 2, 2018


Absent: Councilwoman Alice Roker


The agenda for the meeting consisted of standard organizational resolutions, e.g., authorizing the supervisor to pay salaries, designating bank accounts and the newspapers for public notices, etc.


The only truly newsworthy item on the agenda was the return of Courtesy of the Floor to the beginning of the agenda and the elimination of the Courtesy segment at the end of the agenda.


The following comments were made during Courtesy of the Floor

-- Jay Kopstein thanked the board for the beginning Courtesy but asked that the second Courtesy be reinstated so that the public could comment on items that had been discussed during the meeting.  Tony Grasso took exception to the second part of his comments, stating that Courtesy was limited to speaking about topics not on the agenda.


-- Walt Daniels, speaking for ACOS (Advisory Committee on Open Space), advised the board that the committee has several vacancies, he asked the board to pursue the acquisition of the Boniello parcel that would link Granite Knolls with Sylvan Glen, and also to instate the open space fee.


--  Jane Daniels, speaking on behalf of the Yorktown Trail Town Committee, said she’d like to meet with the board to update the members on the Mohansic Trailway project and the  work of the NY/NJ Trail Conference in maintaining the town’s trails.


-- Ed Ciffone asked the board to consider appointing a citizens budget committee, make a decision on whether to proceed with the highway garage project and if not rescind the $120,000 resolution to hire an architect to design the new garage.


-- Sergio Espositio stated the desire of the Chamber of the Commerce to establish a working relationship with the new board.


Although the board was ready to adjourn the meeting, it honored a request for a second Courtesy of Flo9or.


Ed Ciffone asked why the town’s official newspapers were limited to the Journal News and the Yorktown News and not the Examiner. In response, Town Clerk Quast explained that the Journal News was a daily and the Yorktown News a weekly and that the Examiner did not meet the law’s requirements about circulation.