Summaries of Pending Developments

1491 Front Street
Academy of Dance (Route 6N)
AMPM (Crompond Rd, Crompond)
Arrowhead Subdivision (Underhill Ave.)
Bartosch Subdivsion
Aspen & Mill Streets (Shrub Oak)
BJ's Wholesale Club
Canterbury Crossing (Deck expansion)
Chase Bank (Route 202)
Commerce Bank (Route 118)
Community Bible Church (Chadeayne Road, Kitchawan)

Corner Car Care (see Route 6 Development)

Crompond Corners (Crompond Rd, Crompond)
Curry Ford
Dana Hair Salon (Route 6, Mohegan Lake)
Devries Senior Development (Route 100)
Esposito (Route 6)
Faith Bible Church (Mohegan Ave.)
Fertucci (Underhill Ave)
Franchise Contracting (akaTuscan Market) (Route 202)

Fusco Minor Subdivision
Generations Building(Front St.)
Hilltop Rd.
Hilltop Hanover Farm
Hog Hill Development
Hudson Valley Islamic Center (Lexington Ave.)
Jefferson Valley Shopping Plaza (Lee Blvd & Bank Rd)
Kincart Subdivision(Dorchester Rd)
Kirschenbaum Subdivision (White Hill Road)
LDK Project, LLC (I Luv My Kids) fka Sunshine Pizza
IBM Watson Research Center
Kiederer Subdivision (Granite Springs Rd)
Lockwood Estates
Marrico Subdivision Indian Hill Rd, Shrub Oak
Martinez Subdivision (Jacob Rd)
Menzenski Subdivision (Baldwin Rd)
Old Crompond Rd/RCB Development (Old Crompond Rd)
Outdoor seating permits for restaurants
P.E.G. Realty (Hill Blvd)
PGNS, LLC aka Suzuki (Route 202)
Route 202 auto sales
Route 6 Plaza (CVS at Mohegan Ave., aka Route 6 Office Development)
Salvatore (Crompond Rd)
Sandvoss Subdivision (Hanover St)
Sarubbi Minor Subdivision (Homestead Rd)
Seven Stars Restaurant (Shrub Oak)
Sierra Bella (Hunterbrook Rd)
Silverman (Williams Rd, Shrub Oak)
Sloane Subdivision (Baptist Church Rd)
Sports Center (Navajo Rd)
Stahmer Subdivision (Birdsall Rd)
Staples Shopping Center
Stochel Subdivision (Old Yorktown Rd.)

Teatown-Gilbert Subdivision (Spring Valley Road)
Temple Israel of Northern Westchester
Tompkins Subdivision (aka Yorktown Glass)
Triangle Shopping Center Day Care Center (Goddard School)
Trump Park: See Yorktown Realty
Variance requests (ZBA referrals)
Village Traditions (Route 6)
Wilkens Farm
YKY Yeshiva (Illington Rd)
Yorktown Farms
Yorktown Realty Associates (Trump/Capelli development/Route 6 & Barger St)
ZAT Construction aka Tonndorf Site Plan Route 6 & Navajo Road, Jefferson Valley