Planning Board

December 5, 2016


Attending: John Kincart, John Flynn, Rich Fon, William LaScala, Anthony Tripodi




1. Pied Piper Preschool, Crompond Roaed Addition/Public Informational Hearing

(See Planning Board 9/12/2016 for details. Also Planning Board 11/7/2016.) The applicant’s engineer and architect made a brief presentation of the plan. In response to the board’s earlier request, the architect showed a street scape of how the proposed size of the additioin would blend in with the existing buildings. The architect also showed a rendering of the building and how he has softened its bulk by using reverse gables and cupolas. The applicant advised the board that under current zoning, the existing structures along Crompond Road, two of which are commercial uses, could also be enlarged by adding a second story.   A landscaping plan is being developed.  The hearing was closed.




2. RPG Properties, Lexington Avenue

After the applicant showed the board alternative layouts that would not require variances, the board agreed that the current plan was the best one for the site.  Suggested minor modifications to the plan included a 5-6” fence at the end of the parking area to screen out  headlights from the cars and possibly replacing what was described as  “some of the straggly trees” in the buffer area with new evergreen plantings that would provide better screening for the abutting homeowners.


Before going to the ZBA for the required variances, the Planning Department will review the zoning code and past practice for multi family developments relating to the required distance between units. At the next work session, the board will possibly consider whether reducing the required separation may be a desirable trade off if it allows for larger rear yards for the units.


In response to a question from Mr. Flynn about whether the project will include any affordable housing units, Mr. Capellini explained that now that the Town Board has  repealed the Affordable Housing Law, the applicant will not be required to provide one affordable unit. He explained that under the proposed new density bonus law that is still pending, providing affordable units is voluntary on the part of the developer.


The Planning Board will defer any approvals on the site plan until after the ZBA rules on the variance application.


3. Granite Knolls Recreation Facility

On a referral from the Town Board, Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants made a presentation on the concept  plan for the sports complex.


The board was generally enthusiastic about the plan but did raise questions about traffic on Stoney Street, provisions for emergency vehicle access, the need for overflow parking in addition to the 200 proposed parking spaces, plans for the portion of the site that would be graded but not developed, stormwater issues that cause icing on Stoney Street, and how the plan would impact on existing trails that traverse the site. Citing existing traffic issues on East Main Street, Mr. Fon suggested that the Town Board be proactive and hire a consultant to do a traffic study of Stoney Street.   


In response to Mr. LaScala’s question of how soon the town could proceed with the project, Councilman Bernard said that it would take less than two years to build. Asked if there was a budget for the project, the Councilman said no, but there will be one. 


Referring to his earlier comments about the conceptual plan for the new highway garage, Mr. Fon suggested that the Granite Knolls project should be built in one shot.


The board acknowledged receipt of a detailed ABACA memo  about the plan but noted that members had not had time to review it.


Mr. Riina indicated that he would be doing soil testing over the next few weeks, delineating wetlands and working on a more detailed plan. The board advised him to return to the Planning Board once the more detailed plan was available.


4. Getty (BP) Station, Barger Street, Shrub Oak

On a referral from the Town Board, the board reviewed a site plan showing changes to the site that included a general clean-up of the site and the removal of one or more trailers. The board and Mr. Barber were generally enthusiastic about the plan and suggested some additional landscaping and site modification. The applicant will need a wetlands permit but has not yet applied for one.