Planning Board

January 23, 2017


Due to inclement weather I was not able to attend the meeting.  However, I did speak to the Planning Department Tuesday morning in order to provide this brief summary.


1. Shrub Oak International School

The project engineer reviewed some of the interior changes to the building. The traffic consultant showed which intersections have been studied but did not go over traffic counts.  The consultant will do a second count at the Stoney St/East Main Street intersection of total traffic to see if the volume justifies a traffic light. There was no mention of what the financial impact of the project would be.


The Public Informational Hearing will be held on February 13th.


2. ZAT Construction, Route 6 

The applicant is reviving an old plan, dating back to about 2006, to subdivide the 18 acre site into 3 lots in order to build 4 commercial buildings. There was no discussion of the site plan.


For Planning Board minutes from April 11, 2011, check:


3. Discussion of draft of new Wetlands Ordinance

The board wants more information and possibly more discussion before finalizing a memo to the Town Board with its recommendations.  Some of the issues discussed included:

1. How long a DEC wetland delineation is good for, e.g., one or three years.

2. Whether the wetland delineation should be memorialized on the approved plat. At issue: over a 20 year period, the boundaries of the wetland may change.

3. The board is supportive of the concept of the off site wetlands bank.

4. The board is okay with increasing the square footage needed to define a wetland from 1,000 SF to 1/10 of an acre.

4. The board supports the functional analysis provision, noting that it has already been requiring one when appropriate.

5. When a pportion of a lot is in the 100 ft. wetland buffer, the board appears to support a 50ft buffer from the wetland where certain activities would be prohibited.


The board will continue its discussion at the next meeting.