Summaries by Subject

Accessory dwelling units. See Special Use Permits
Adrian Auto Body
Animal control
Asbestos removal. See Parks and Recreation
Athletic Clubs. See Parks and Recreation
Bids, Purchases and Contracts
Budget (town), for 2009
Business Development
Cable TV/Verizon FIOS/Webcasting town meetings
Central Garage 

Code Enforcement
Community Development Block Grant Program
Community use of town facilities
Comprehensive Plan
Con Ed (see Tree Removal)
Conservation Easements (see Environmental Issues)
Developments currently before Planning Board:
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Dance Hall License
(Miracle Bar & Grill)
Director of Labor Operations
(Combining labor forces of the Water, Sewer, Highway, Parks and Environmental Conservation Departments. Also maintenance of town buildings)
Dog Park
Downing Park Parking Lot (see Parking Issues)
Environmental Issuses
(See also Wetlands and Tree Removal)
Emergency Planning



Feral Cats: See Animal Control
Financial Updates

Fleet Committee (town vehicles): See Director of Labor Operations
Freedom of Information Law/Open Meetings Law
See also Open Government 

Group Homes
Heating Oil Co-op
Housing Issues
Hunting in town parks
Landmark Preservation
Legacy Ballfields
(See also Tree Removal)
Legal Issues

Lockwood Estates/Cluster Authorization
Miscellaneous resident concerns/complaints
(See also Soliciting)
Mohegan Lake Issues
New Croton Dam Rehabilitation Project
New Shopping Center (Route 202 & Taconic)
Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium: See Environmental Issues

Open Space
Open Government
See also Freedom of Information/Open Meetings Law
Outdoor Seating Permits
(for restaurants)
Outdoor Stoves & Boilers
Parks & Recreation
Parking Issues
Personnel Issues

Pesticides: See Environmental Issues

Phoenix House
Police Department
(See also Tax Issues)

Policy Statements

Property Maintence: See Code Enforcement
Roads & Traffic Issues
Route 6 & Route 202 Traffic (see Sustainable Development Study, Mohegan Lake and Route 6 Developments in the listing of "Pending Developments" in the Planning Board section)
School District Issues
Search Fee (New Revenue Source) See Tax Issues
Senior Center
Sewers/Hallocks Mill Sewer District
Sewers/Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District
Shallow Creek Golf Course
Signage Issues
Skate Board Park
Sparkle Lake Revitalization
Special Use Permits
Storm Water (see Environmental Issues)

Street Fair

Sustainable Development Study (Routes 6 and 202 traffic issues)
Tax Related Issues
Taxi Service (Licensing)
Teen Center: See YCCC
Town Administrator
Traffic Issues (See Roads & Traffic Issues)
Trailers/Parks & Recreation Department: See Parks and Recreation
Tree Removal
Unsafe Structures (see Code Enforcement)
Utilities Oversight Committee: See Tree Removal
Verizon FIOS. See Cable TV
Volunteer (See Personnel Issues)

Water Department: See Director of Labor Operations

Webcasting town meetings. See Cable TV
Wetlands Issues
Winery/Stone Church-Route 6
YCCC Issues
Yorktown Jewish Center (See Open Space)
Yorktown Realty Associates (Capelli development/Route 6 & Barger St)
Zoning Changes