Town Board

November 15, 2016


1. Personnel

Water: Carl LaDuca, promoted to Water Maintenance Worker 1

Library: Appointed Ellen Tannenbaum as Librarian II


2. Police Department Presentation

In a program that Chief Noble described as bringing the department’s technology into the 21st century and which will increase efficiency and enable officers to spend more time on the road and less on paperwork, the department is installing new software (and converting from a DOS based system to a Windows system), converting the old data, installing new tablets in the police cars and replacing outdated radios and license plate readers. In another change, the department will partner with Carfax for electronically filing accident reports. The system will not cost the town any money, and the Town Board will set the fee for residents who want copies of the report. While the cost for all the upgrades was not discussed, there was one resolution that authorized sp4ending $73,034 for the tablets and compatible equipment. Supervisor Grace said that the upgrades were “worth every penny” and that the town was making a capital investment in public safety.


3. Featherbed Properties, Jacob Road/public hearing

The board opened and closed a public hearing on the use of the Flexibility Standards and voted to authorize the Planning Board to process the subdivision using the flexibility standards.  During the hearing, the applicant explained the advantages of using the flexibility standards (see below). There were no comments from the public.


4. Pavan/1875 Brookdale Street, Wetlands Permit/public hearing

(See Planning Board 11/7/2016.)  Mr. Riina explained the general concept of the new plan as discussed at the Planning Board meeting but advised the board that the details remain to be worked out with staff.  Several residents from the neighborhood voiced their concern\ that any new building not exaccerbate an already existing water problem – both icing on the street but also water in their basements.  Councilman Bernard and Supervisor Grace acknowledged the existing water problem but explained that it was the town’s goal to have a developer pay for the infrastructure upgrades instead of the town doing the work and having homeowners pay for it.  Supervisor Grace said that while the proposed infrastructure improvements would alleviate some of the problem on Brookdale caused by the flow of water down the hill,  he proposed project would basically not address the ground water problem except to the extent that it would carry some water away from the street that might otherwise go into the ground.   The hearing was adjourned to December 6th to give Mr. Riina time to flesh out the details of the proposed infrastructure plan.  


5. Miscellaneous resolutions

YCCC Rents: The board approved 2017 leases for several tenants. (Note: The approving resolution did not indicate whether the 2017 rent was the same or different from 2016. )


6. 2017 Budget

In an item not on the agenda, the board voted unanimously to adopt the 2017 Preliminary Budget and set December 13th for a public hearing on the budget. Supervisor Grace said the only change from the Tentative Budget released in October was the addition of $50,000 for equipment in the Refuse and Recycling Department. He did not explain if this addition changed the tax rate.  It was also not clear if the Preliminary Budget includes any salary increases for department heads; the subject was touched on during the board’s two day budget meetings but was deferred at the time for closed session executive session discussions. A copy of the budget is avalable on the town web site,


6. Courtesy of the Floor

Ed Ciffone announced that at the November 22nd work session, the UTY will be given three minutes to talk about the proposed highway garage project and present the board with the petitions that were signed last year.