Town Board

January 17, 2017



1. Infrastructure grants

Supervisor Grace announced that the town has received two grants as part of the Bridge New York grant program. $2,470 million to replace the bridge at Hill Blvd. over Barger Brook. The grant will cover 95% of the cost of the program.  A $820,000 grant to replace the culvert on Veterans Rd over the Hallocks Mill brook. This grant will cover 100% of the cost of the project.


Supervisor Grace said that the board had ambitious infrastructure plans for 2017.


2. Sewers

Supervisor Grace reported on a meeting with the DEC regarding Hallocks Mill sewers. He said the agency was very supportive of the town’s efforts to move forward on plans to create new sewer districts for 450 unsewered house, replace two Hallocks Mill pump stations and reroute the Chelsea pump station, currently part of the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District to the Hallocks Mill district.  He said the projects would cost about $20 million and hoped that bid specs could be ready by the end of the year with construction in 2018.  


Regarding the sewer extensions, he added that he was exploring the possibility of providing subsidies to the unsewered homoeowners as an incentive to hook up to sewers. He estimated that the cost of the subsidizing could add about 5% to the total cost of project but that in the long run the additional cost was worth it. He didn’t say where the funds would come from.  He said that homeowners would be receiving a letter in the coming week asking them to let the town know if they were interested in being sewered. While he acknowledged that the first question homeowners were likely to have was “how much would sewers cost,” he said that the letter will not include any cost estimates because that information was difficult to calculate, adding that he anticipated that the cost would be nominal or minimal.


He added that how these projects would be financed, especially in light of the tax cap, remained the major issue that needed to be worked out.


On the pending bid awards for the two pump station replacements, Supervisor Grace said that the town might rebid the projects or ask the bidders to extend their bids.  


3. Quality of Life Committee

(See Town Board, 7-5-2016.)  Councilman Diana announced that residents interested in serving on the committee should send their resume to Mary Capoccia, the supervisor’s assistant.  One person will be selected. The committee will also include a representative of a service organization.


4. Mohegan Avenue wall

Councilman Bernard announced that the deteriorating wall along Mohegan Avenue will be replaced this summer.  The project has to wait until the summer when school is out because there will not be a convenient detour for school buses. The town has the plans for the new wall; the cost was said to be ‘a couple of hundred thousand dollars.”


5. Building Department

Because the board has been unsuccessful in filling the vacant building inspector position since the previous office holder resigned in September, the board has decided to have Michael Quinn, the town engineer, streamline and oversee the department’s workflow on a temporary six month basis with the added stipend of $1,250/month.


6. Appointments/promotions

Water Department: Jeffrey Baumeister was promoted to Water Maintenance Works Grade II.


Highway Department: Nicholas Bernard was promoted to Heavy Motor Equipment Operator. Kieran Carney, currently a laborer in the Building Maintenance Department, transferred to laborer in the Highway Department, and Angela Cavallo was appointed stock clerk.


Police Department: Chief Noble introduced the new police officers who had already been appointed.


7. Advertise public hearings

February 7:  to amend the site plan for 714 Saw Mill River Road. (See Town Board, 1-10-2017.)

February 21: a local law to grant tax abatement to commercial developments.


8. Chamber of Commerce LED sign

(See Town Board, 1-10-2017.) In response to a question during Courtesy of the Floor whether the a sign permit would be needed and whether the proposed sign had been referred to the Architectural Review Board (ABACA), Supervisor Grace said if it’s a town project that needs Town Board approval, such as the planned Granite Knolls ballfields, no one else has to approve the project, but that as a courtesy, the board usually refers the projects to other advisory boards for their review.


9. Miscellaneous resolutions

Conference attendance: The board approved a series of resolutions authorizing certain staff members to attend conferences. Funds to cover the cost are included in each department’s budget.


Police car computers: Approved the purchase of three tablets for police cars for a total cost of $17,586.


Tax Certiorari counsel: Approved an agreement to hire the firm of Shaw, Perelson, May and Lambert, LLP to provide legal services for tax certiorari matters. The resolution did not include the payment terms.


Stormwater consultant: Approved an agreement to hire D & B Engineers and Architects, PC to provide annual stormwater services at a cost  not to exceed of $15,500.


Sewer camera: Authorized the purchase of a camera used to insp4ect sewer lines at a cost of $12,464. (Note: the town previously contracted out for this service.)